Course Content
Using and Understanding Apple Documentation
Intermediate Swift Programming – Control Flow and Optionals
iOS App Design Patterns and Code Structuring
iOS App Design Pattern Challenge
Advanced Swift Programming – Classes, Inheritance & Advanced Optionals
Advanced Swift Programming Challenge
Networking, JSON Parsing, APIs and Core Location
Networking and API Challenge
Firebase Cloud Firestore, TableViews and Cocoapod Dependencies
The Command Line and Terminal
SwiftUI and Declarative Programming
Git, GitHub and Version Control
Local Data Persistance – User Defaults, Core Data and Realm
In-App Purchases and Apple StoreKit
Advanced Swift Classroom – Part 1
Advanced Swift Classroom – Part 2
CoreML and Machine Learning
Advanced CoreML – CoreML Tools & Converting Models
CreateML – Building Your Own Machine Learning Model from Scratch
CreateML & Natural Language Processing (NLP)
ARKit & Augmented Reality Apps
Advanced ARKit
ARKit 2 and Live Tracking
ARKit 2 & Live Video
How to Submit Your App to the App Store
What’s Next? How to Become a Pro iOS Developer
Optional: The Complete App Design Course
Optional: The Complete App Marketing Course
Ask Angela Anything
Optional Module: How to Make an App from Beginning to End
iOS & Swift – The Complete iOS App Development Bootcamp | Udemy Free Course
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